5 Lee Jang Hyun’s sacrifices for Yoo Gil Chae in My Dearest

5 Lee Jang Hyun’s sacrifices for Yoo Gil Chae in My Dearest

Within the drama My Dearest (2023), Lee Jang Hyun (Nam Goong Min) is keen to do something for the happiness of Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin). Since falling in love at first sight with Gil Chae, he has brazenly approached her and guarded her from numerous threatening risks.

Curiously, Jang Hyun didn’t demand something from Gil Chae in return for his actions. He simply desires his beloved to reside an excellent life, like a flower. That is what makes him thought-about a personality who loves unconditionally by the viewers.

Jang Hyun’s relentless sacrifice moved the viewers. He did not even hesitate to sacrifice his life to avoid wasting his beloved, you already know. Come on, check out a few of Gil Chae’s struggles under which is able to make you excited!

He does not thoughts donating his weapons and armor in order that Gil Chae’s crush’s wedding ceremony is cancelled

Gil Chae complained whereas crying when he realized the information that Nam Yeon Jun (Lee Hak Joo) and Kyung Eun Ae (Lee Da In) would get married on a swing. The reason being, he nonetheless had his coronary heart set on Yeon Jun at the moment. Jang Hyun, who was listening, said that he may make the wedding annulled.

Gil Chae was skeptical, however Jang Hyun apparently stored his phrase. He succeeded in persuading the younger males in Neunggun village who wished to get married earlier than the warfare to cancel their plans.

Jang Hyun said that their companions can be harmed in the event that they turned widows after they died in warfare. Other than that, he was additionally keen to donate weapons and armor to those that wished to turn out to be volunteer troopers. The youth of Neunggun village who wanted it agreed to Jang Hyun’s circumstances.

Keen to flee to a spot near Neunggun village to present an indication to Gil Chae

Earlier than working away as a result of he was reluctant to turn out to be a volunteer soldier within the warfare, Jang Hyun instructed Gil Chae to run away from his village if he noticed smoke rising from the mountain. He additionally provides Gil Chae a dagger so he can shield himself from international intruders.

Jang Hyun went to a spot not removed from Neunggun village. He was at all times alert at his refugee camp, even swiftly ordering Gu Jam (Park Kang Sub) to gentle a fireplace from the mountain as a smoke sign for Gil Chae when he heard the sound of horse hooves from international intruders. Gil Chae, who noticed this, instantly took the villagers and ran away, following Jang Hyun’s directions earlier than leaving him.

Due to Jang Hyun’s directions, Gil Chae and the opposite residents managed to flee earlier than the international intruders caught them within the village. Whereas working away, Jang Hyun discovered Gil Chae who was being attacked and helped him. He additionally expressed his delight in Gil Chae who dared to combat international intruders with the dagger he gave him.

Altering his rules to swimsuit Gil Chae

Jang Hyun enjoys his life with out being tied down by marital standing. He solely dated a number of girls, however was reluctant to marry them. In line with the precept, marriage isn’t an obligation. That is additionally what gave him a nasty fame within the Neunggun village group.

However apparently, Jang Hyun was keen to alter his rules for the sake of Gil Chae. Earlier than going to Shimyang, he admitted that he wouldn’t thoughts marrying Gil Chae if that was the one option to have the lady. Furthermore, Gil Chae actually desires of a romantic marriage along with his future accomplice.

Jang Hyun can be keen to alter his rules relating to warfare. He had refused to turn out to be a volunteer soldier as a result of he didn’t care concerning the destiny of the king. Nevertheless, when he noticed Gil Chae’s struggling as a result of warfare, he modified his thoughts.

Jang Hyun admits that he’ll be part of the warfare as a soldier as a result of he does not like seeing Gil Chae cry. Nevertheless, he did not simply go away Gil Chae. He requested Gil Chae to go to Ganghwa Island which he thought was protected from the Qing military. He additionally promised that he would at all times discover Gil Chae, wherever she was.

Battle in opposition to 17 Qing troopers alone in order that Gil Chae is protected

As instructed by Jang Hyun, Gil Chae with Jong Jong (Park Jeong Yeon), Bang Doo (Kwon So Hyun), and Eun Ae went to Ganghwa Island. Nevertheless, one thing undesirable occurred. Qing troops all of a sudden attacked Joseon society on Ganghwa Island.

Jang Hyun, who heard the information whereas he was a spy within the Qing military, instantly went to Ganghwa Island to avoid wasting Gil Chae. He fought 17 Qing troopers to maintain Gil Chae protected. He pushed himself, despite the fact that he was contaminated with smallpox and was in a weak situation at the moment.

Jang Hyun is relieved that Gil Chae managed to outlive on Ganghwa Island. Sadly, Gil Chae discovered too late about his sacrifice. The reason being, Jang Hyun himself did not inform him this as a result of he felt embarrassed about involving Gil Chae in peril on the island he prompt.

Combating risking his life for Gil Chae’s freedom

Jang Hyun seemed so harm when he noticed the struggling of Gil Chae who was kidnapped in Shimyang. He additionally tried desperately to free his beloved from a spot of slavery. He fought in opposition to the Qing individuals who bought Gil Chae as a slave after they requested for a really giant ransom.

Sadly, after being free of that place, Gak Hwa (Lee Chung Ah), who was obsessive about Jang Hyun, made Gil Chae his servant. Jang Hyun needed to persuade Crown Prince So Hyun (Kim Mu Jun) to ask the Qing folks to launch Gil Chae.

When that technique did not work, Jang Hyun was once more keen to danger his life. He adopted Gak Hwa’s guess, working after Gil Chae till his again was pierced by an arrow. After he wins the guess, Jang Hyun smiles and tells Gil Chae every part might be tremendous to calm him down, earlier than dropping consciousness.

Jang Hyun’s struggles and sacrifices for love do not appear to cease in My Dearest. He was decided to at all times be by Gil Chae’s aspect when he discovered that his idol was divorced. This implies he has to combat Gak Hwa who continues to be decided to have him. Should you’re curious, remember to look at the newest episodes on Friday and Saturday, OK!

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