Global Artist NOA Held First Korean Tour

Global artist NOA, representing Generation Z, will hold a concert in Korea. According to the music industry on the 10th, Noah decided to hold the Korean performance of his first Asian tour, ‘NOA 1st LIVE “NO.A” ASIA TOUR IN SEOUL’, at Rolling Hall in Hongdae, Seoul on June 5th at 7pm.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 2000, Noah was selected as a trainee at YG Entertainment at the age of 12 and experienced life in Korea. After starting her music career in earnest in January 2020, she made her official debut on the major stage in 2021 through Universal Music.
He is evaluated as possessing various musical talents such as dancing as well as writing lyrics and composing. Noah released ‘TAXI feat. to fubeats’, ranked #1 on Thailand’s Spotify viral chart. Jeon Woong, a member of the K-pop idol group AB6IX, participated in the feature ‘LET GO feat. JEON WOONG (AB6IX)’ is gaining popularity mainly in Southeast Asia, ranking 3rd on the iTunes comprehensive chart in Thailand, 4th in the Philippines, and 5th on the KKBOX Taiwanese and Japanese music weekly charts.

He also solidified his position as an actor by appearing as one of the members of the limited-time boy group 8LOOM in the Tuesday drama ‘I want to be your flower’ aired on TBS in Japan last year. The drama is being screened on the domestic OTT platform ‘Watcha’ and was also aired through the domestic cable channel Channel J.

Then on February 22 this year, digital single ‘Just Feel It’ collaborated with global musician Ayumu Imazu, ‘LIGHTS UP’, ‘TAXI feat. He released his first full-length album ‘NO.A’, which contains a total of 14 songs including ‘tofubeats’ and ‘Highway’, globally.

An official from TJ Entertainment Korea, a performance agency, said, “Noah’s first full-length album ‘NO.A’ has the meaning of the artist’s name, NOA, and the start of the alphabet, A, as a start line for entering the global music market.” “The interest of Korean fans is so high that the tickets for the Korean tour, which were sold exclusively on Ticketlink on the ticket booking site on April 7, were sold out within one minute of going on sale,” he explained.

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