“Economic cooperation between Seonhee Lee and CEO Hook?”… Lee Seon-hee received 4.3 billion won from Hook

Suspicion was raised that singer Lee Solar-hee and Hook Leisure CEO Kwon Jin-young had financial cooperation.

On the twenty sixth, Dispatch reported that Hook Leisure (hereafter known as Hook) had flowed into One Leisure (hereinafter known as One Enter) about 4.3 billion received.

Seonhee Lee

In accordance with experiences, One Enter is a company established by Lee Solar-hee in 2010.

Over the previous 10 years, Lee Seon-hee has earned about 4.3 billion received by instructing songs to college students reminiscent of Lee Seung-gi, Bora, Kim Min-soo, and Lee Jung-hyun. Nevertheless, the quantity and time of her tutoring by Lee Seon-hee will not be identified.

All Hook employees hinted at a lesson charge of fifty million received.Bora, Minsu Kim, and Junghyun Lee practiced vocalization on the 4th ground, which was utilized by Sunhee Lee as a studio.

Seonhee Lee

It’s identified that Lee Solar-hee despatched a number of the cash to Kwon Jin-young. Rumor has it that she served as Kwon Jin-young’s private pocket.

As well as, Lee Seon-hee’s youthful sister and Kwon Jin-young’s dad and mom are registered as workers at One Leisure.

They’re identified to have gathered a median month-to-month wage of three to 4 million received and about 900 million received for 8 years. Lee Seon-hee’s sister acquired 350 million received, Kwon Jin-young’s father 280 million received, and her mom 240 million received, respectively.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seon-hee supplied about 30 million received in severance pay to Kwon Jin-young’s father. She additionally paid for Kwon Jin-young’s father’s two private medical insurance and one most cancers insurance coverage with One Leisure’s funds.

Kwon Jin-young, who was designated as the overall director of Lee Seon-hee’s live performance, earned a complete of 30 million received, 10 million received per episode.

On the twenty fifth, the Nationwide Police Company’s Extreme Crime Investigation Unit summoned and investigated Lee Seon-hee on fees of embezzlement.

Lee Seon-hee Lee Seung-gi

The police are suspected of embezzling cash a number of instances whereas Lee Solar-hee was the CEO of One Leisure.

In accordance with the report, Lee Solar-hee denied the rumor as “unfounded.”Though he’s the CEO, he has not been immediately concerned within the administration of the corporate.“, “additionI used to be solely a singer.“.

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