TOP 3 Most Disliked Stars Selected By Chinese Media Sohu, “All Of Them Are Male Celebrities”

On January twenty seventh, Sohu Leisure launched 2023 Most Preferred Artists and 2023 Most Disliked Artists. Particularly, the TOP 3 Most Disliked Artists had been all male celebrities. Nevertheless, the media solely made oblique descriptions of them as an alternative of stating their names for concern of being sued for defamation.

In keeping with the media, No.1 of 2023 Most Disliked Artists was born in 1995. He has appeared in numerous interval sequence and starred in a contemporary idol drama in 2023. This individual is a well known actor with many followers and a picture of a honest actor within the eyes of the general public however he’s really very impolite. He was caught smoking indoors throughout a media interview and if there was a query he didn’t like, he would curse and shout, “Take away this query”.


The No.2 artist debuted in a martial arts sequence and led a interval drama in 2023. He’s well-known as an artist with many requests when doing interviews. Some media retailers even had so as to add stickers to cowl his uncovered ankles as a result of the actor didn’t wish to reveal his waist and legs. As well as, this artist usually requested manufacturing groups to make his head look smaller. Some media officers mentioned, “His head is already small however he requested us to make it smaller. We advised the artist that we had by no means corrected the dimensions of heads, however he saved insisting on the request”.

Lastly, No.3 appeared in an audition program and was very fashionable up to now. Nevertheless, his recognition has decreased considerably now. He offended many individuals together with his impolite behaviors and phrases missing empathy. After making an interview appointment, he can be late for about 4 hours with out saying something upfront and made sexually harassing remarks towards feminine reporters.

The media outlet criticized the artists named within the Rankings of Most Disliked Artists, saying “We don’t perceive why they’re well-known”.

Supply: Naver

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