NMIXX’s Unbelievable Photocard ‘Lottery’ Raises Brows & Questions: ‘This is going to ruin…’

NMIXX’s Unbelievable Photocard ‘Lottery’ Raises Brows & Questions: ‘This is going to ruin…’

Within the coronary heart of Ok-pop’s dynamic panorama, controversies brew and tendencies rise, however NMIXX finds itself embroiled in an surprising storm.

Current revelations surrounding their undisclosed photocard frenzy have ignited a firestorm of debate amongst followers, resulting in questions concerning the group’s priorities and the impression on each their picture and the broader business.

NMIXX’s Album Controversy: 150 Photocard ‘Lottery’ Enigma Unveiled

A web-based put up, dissecting the staggering revelation, has set ablaze discussions throughout the Ok-pop neighborhood. The crux of the problem lies within the mind-boggling variety of photocard variations included with NMIXX’s single album.

NMIXX's Photocards

(Picture : Instiz)

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Uncovered via meticulous evaluation, it’s been disclosed {that a} mind-numbing rely of 150 undisclosed photocards — a real lottery inside every album — have left followers reeling in disbelief.

In response to the put up, these quite a few photocards, all attributed to a single member, have resulted in an unsettling predicament.

Regardless of NMIXX boasting substantial album gross sales nearing the 1 million mark on Circle, there is a stunning twist: the excess of photocard inventory stays unsold.


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This disparity raises the perplexing query—why inundate albums with these undisclosed treasures when the demand seems inadequate to match the availability?

Nevertheless, the uproar doesn’t stop on the photocard revelation alone. It extends to NMIXX’s media portrayal, touting their standing as million sellers whereas these undisclosed photocard portions stay largely unaccounted for.

Critics have raised considerations, accusing the corporate behind NMIXX of extreme deal with shareholders, overlooking the impression on each followers and the budding group’s creative journey.

Ok-Netz Outcry: NMIXX’s Photocard Technique Sparks Fan ‘Betrayal’ & ‘Disillusionment’

Ok-Netz, recognized for his or her vocal opinions, have weighed in on this concern. From expressions of incredulity to outright dismay, the feedback echo a sentiment of betrayal among the many fandom.


(Picture : twitter|@NMIXX_official@)

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Statements vary from disillusionment over the notion of followers as mere monetary sources to considerations about NMIXX’s picture as a rookie group.

These are some feedback from Ok-Netz:

  • “Wow that is insane.”
  • “No however they’re actually simply seeing followers as cash machines.”
  • “Why do I really feel like NMIXX is a gaggle that is been round for some time already? I simply realized they debuted solely final yr, that is going to destroy their picture.”
  • “Is that this true…? That is appalling, it appears to be like unbelievable.”
  • “It is certainly an excessive amount of, and the way in which they’re mediaplaying is actually a rip-off, no?”
  • “Severely they’re seeing followers as money-givers.”
  • “At this fee, I might be so bored with fangirling like that, I am going to give up the fandom.”
  • “Wow… There’s actually no purpose for undisclosed photocards if you are going to do issues like this, there are approach too many.”
  • “This is not solely the problem, their fansigns are additionally getting unhealthy.”
  • “The followers and the singers have to be having a tough time.”

Because the storm rages on, the unanswered questions linger—does NMIXX’s technique signify a brand new regular in Ok-Pop advertising or an aberration? Can the business afford to prioritize income over creative integrity and fan sentiment?

The fallout from this photocard debacle stands as a stark reminder of the fragile stability between industrial success and the emotional connection between artists and their supporters.

For now, NMIXX stays ensconced in controversy, with followers and business observers alike awaiting the corporate’s response and the group’s potential course correction within the wake of this fervent outcry.

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