Disparities in Album Prices Reflecting Popularity Among Girl Group Members as Shown on Naver

The person reputation of members inside a Okay-pop group can considerably affect numerous facets, together with album costs

A latest examination of album costs on Naver, a well-liked on-line platform in Korea, reveals fascinating disparities within the pricing of albums between widespread and fewer widespread members in high Okay-pop lady teams. 

Album costs for widespread members are constantly larger than the unique, and in some circumstances, they even promote out. Then again, albums for much less widespread members, regardless of value cuts, nonetheless wrestle to promote out.


  • Big ver. Winter (+3,000 received) (offered out)
  • Big ver. Karina (+3,000 received) (offered out)
  • Scene ver. Ningning (-3,100 received)
  • Scene ver. Giselle (-3,100 received)
  • Scene ver. Winter (offered out)
  • Scene ver. Winter (+5,000 received)
  • Scene ver. Karina (+5,000 received)

Crimson Velvet

red velvet
  • Sensible Smini ver. Wendy (+100 received)
  • Sensible Smini ver. Pleasure (+100 received)
  • Sensible Smini ver. Seulgi (+5,100won)
  • Sensible Smini ver. Irene (+16,000 received)
  • Package deal Field ver. Wendy (+6,200 received)
  • Package deal Field ver. Pleasure (+6,200 received)
  • Package deal Field ver. Seulgi (+11,200 received)
  • Package deal Field ver. Irene (+21,200 received)


ive thumbnail
  • Digipack Yujin ver. (+7,100 received)
  • Digipack Liz ver. (-5,900 received)
  • Digipack Leeseo ver. (-5,900 received)
  • Digipack Wonyoung ver. (+7,100 received)
  • Digipack Rei ver. (-1,900 received)


newjeans thumbnail
  • Danielle (-11,000 received)
  • Hyein (-11,000 received)
  • Hanni (+5,000 received)
  • Haerin (+5,000 received)


le sserafim
  • Yunjin Inexperienced (Compact ver.) (+1,000 received)
  • Kazuha Blue (Compact ver.) (+1,000 received)
  • Sakura Pink (Compact ver.) (+1,000 received)
  • Eunchae Crimson (Compact ver.) (+7,000 received)
  • Chaewon Silver (Compact ver.) (+12,000 received)

The noticed pricing differentials mirror followers’ shopping for energy and established fandoms of every member. In style members constantly drive album costs larger, usually leading to swift sell-outs.

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